Experts interviewed on seasonal topics


07 July 2021
Experts interviewed on seasonal topics

DELVING into the world of potato agronomy, a new potato podcast from BASF sees host, Cedric Porter, interviewing leading experts and growers on a range of seasonal topics.

Cedric has followed the ups and downs of the sector for more than 10 years. In the first episode, his knowledge and enthusiasm for the crop teases insights from Dr David Cooke, research leader at The James Hutton Institute, and Paul Goddard, BASF’s value chain and stewardship manager as they discuss late blight’s evolving population, the challenges of controlling it and BASF’s exciting product pipeline. Future episodes will look at alternaria, Eurofins trials and bring reports from this year’s harvest.

BASF specialities market manage Matthew Goodson said: “Our industry is changing rapidly. Not only are changing weather patterns affecting the weeds, pests and diseases we face, but the political and regulatory environment is changing too.”

For over a decade, BASF has been investing heavily into R&D in the potato sector, with a pipeline of new products including two fungicides, a herbicide and a biological control that targets wireworm.

The company is also expanding its Real Results network, bringing potato growers firmly into its community and furthering its on-farm field-scale potato trials.

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“Throughout the podcast series we will be revealing more about our pipeline and discussing some of the biggest challenges growers are facing with experts from relevant fields,” Matt said.

For Cedric, it’s the combination of scientific research and grower insight which appealed. “I was delighted to be asked to host the Perfecting Potatoes Together podcast,” he said. “I’m passionate about potatoes - they are such an important, fascinating, delicious and even fun crop.

“I’m particularly looking forward to following the 2021 potato crop with experts and growers and seeing how disease threats can be controlled as they emerge.”

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