European recognition for British research specialist


25 July 2022
Mike Storey made honorary EAPR member

DR Mike Storey has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to research and innovation in the potato industry with an honorary membership of the European Association of Potato Research (EAPR).


The former research director for the Potato Council and head of resource management at AHDB has worked with the EAPR in different roles; he became vice president in 2002 and served the Association in this crucial position until 2017. In addition, he has served on many scientific committees for its triennial conferences.


Mike continues as Processing Editor for the journal Potato Research.

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Mike said: “I am delighted to have received this honour, and it is fantastic to see so many committed researchers within the EAPR continuing to drive for innovation in the potato sector to help develop a more sustainable and productive food system.”


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