Early requests after heavy winter


25 February 2022
Israeli potato season to Europe set to start earlier

THE potato harvest in Israel is set to start a few weeks sooner following  special requests from Europe after heavy winter rains impacted crops.

Eitan Botzer, Managing Director of Atzmona Potato Production, an Israeli exporter and producer of organic and conventional potatoes and carrots, said in an interview with Fresh Plaza: “We see an earlier than usual demand for potatoes from Israel in Europe. The normal main shipments usually start from weeks 17 to 18 from us into Europe, but will likely start earlier from around weeks 14-15.

“The emphasis is mainly on organic potatoes with our customers and importers in Europe asking us to supply earlier due to the uncertain quality of potato crops in those countries caused by the heavy rains.”

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He said Israeli producers will be able to adjust their growing season and supply European customers earlier despite frost damage during January and the early part of February.

Source: Fresh Plaza  Photo: Engin Akyurt

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