Early campaign creates frost risks


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28 April 2021
Early campaign creates frost risks

THE 2021 potato campaign in Castile and Leon has begun early, with a slightly lower area than originally foreseen and a slight increase in planting of washing varieties. 

President of the Association of Potato Producers of Castile and Leon, Eduardo Arroyo, said almost 75% of the potatoes had already been planted.

Producers planted early to avoid competing with potatoes arriving from France in September. However, this could still create a risk of them being affected by frost.

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President of Castile and Leon's Potato Interprofessional, Yolanda Medina, said frost mainly affected leaves rather than roots so plants would recover, meaning minimal impact on quality and production.

This year the potato sector will face problems to preserve the tubers, after the change in European regulations on permitted substances.

“Producers from Castile and Leon sell their potatoes between July and October. A good part of the production is preserved to be released weeks or months after the start of the season. Now, we are going to have a serious problem storing the production. We still don't know how we'll manage to do it," Yolanda said.

Source: agronewscastillayleon.com 

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