Dug the huge potato to undergo DNA test


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21 January 2022
Dug the huge potato to undergo DNA test

A MASSIVE potato dug up last year, believed to be the world's largest, is to be given a DNA test to determine if it's actually a potato.

Colin and Donna Craig-Brown, a couple from near Hamilton, New Zealand, found the potato in their vegetable garden last August and named it Dug. It weighed in at 7.8 kilograms (17.2 pounds).

The couple submitted the potato to the Guinness Book of World Records. The current world record is held by a potato weighing 4.98 kilograms (10.98 pounds). The couple has now been told that the Guinness Book of World Records wants to verify that it is a potato before it takes over the title.

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The couple is concerned that Dug may lose weight as it waits for the record to be confirmed, as it could dry out and deteriorate, so they have moved it to a freezer to slow down the process while they await confirmation. 

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