'Don't tax our spuds' call by West Europeans


02 February 2021
'Don't tax our spuds' call by West Europeans

VEGETABLES and fruit should not be subject to VAT, according to German, French, and Dutch consumers who took part in a recent research study.

The True Animal Protein Price Coalition (Tapp Coalition), a non-profit foundation, revealed the findings.

Director Jeroom Remmers said: “The consumer survey shows a political reality. A majority of West European consumers expect their political leaders to tax meat products to use revenues to reduce VAT taxes on vegetables, fruits and meat alternatives and pay farmers to increase animal welfare and green standards.”

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“We expect EU Ministers to start the legislation at national and the EU levels. They can reduce GHG-emissions and biodiversity loss from food, while protecting EU farmers, improving public health and reducing health care costs for consumers.”

Source: plantbasednews.org


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