Display sleeves generate sales increase


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04 February 2021
Display sleeves generate sales increase

RECENT research by MountainKing® Potatoes has revealed newly-introduced high-impact display sleeves are helping to generate double-digit retail sales increases.

Marketing Director Andreas Trettin said: “If we suggestively sell a product in its end use, it just makes sense that shoppers are more likely to follow through with purchasing that item as part of their overall meal preparation. The sleeves are especially impactful at a secondary display by the meat counter or in the seafood department. Frankly, we weren’t surprised with the sales increase figures. We’ve received positive feedback from our retail partners for quite some time. They’re very pleased with the results.”

MountainKing’s display sleeves present images of various meal possibilities with the company’s different potato varieties. The meal solution tools are designed to capture the attention of today’s shopper looking for ingredients for a particular meal.

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