Discarded bags converted to keep homeless warm


28 January 2021
Discarded bags converted to keep homeless warm

A DETROIT activist has begun turning old potato chip bags into sleeping bags for the homeless.

Environmental activist Eradajere Oleita recently revealed her project to US news website CNN.

She said: "The process is simple: Collect bags, cut them open, iron them and then line with plastic."

The idea came from an online video of a woman in England who fashioned sleeping bags from empty snack pouches.

Oleita, aged 25, started collecting chip bags a few months ago and set up a website to gather more. She said the bags' foil lining reflects body heat. They're durable, waterproof and extremely lightweight. It takes about 150 of them to make a single sleeping bag. Oleita wants to make 60 bags by early February.

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The Nigerian-born activist has worked as a land and water works ambassador at Americorps for the past four years.

She said: "I want people to think about these things and for our products to come full circle. I have never been shy of humanitarian work because firstly I am ... a human."

Source and photo: CNN


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