Digital revolution driving rapid growth in sector


30 June 2019
Digital revolution driving rapid growth in sector

The digital revolution is driving rapid growth in the agri-tech sector, with start-ups like 30MHZ, Breedr and LettUs Grow being part of a new breed of technology companies aiming to improve productivity and sustainability in agriculture, but they will be quick to stress at CWIC 2019 that domain knowledge has been essential for success. They are presenting in the Agriculture track of the conference, hosted by Agri-Tech East and Allia Serious Impact.

Dr Belinda Clarke, director of Agri-Tech East, the independent membership organisation that has been facilitating the growth of the agri-tech cluster, said: “Few market sectors are as dynamic as agriculture. The value-chain has to manage volatile prices, changeable weather, 24/7 consumer demands, regulatory changes and global challenges – so technologies that can improve decision-support and productivity are being met by a receptive audience.

“Farming is data-rich but until now it has been difficult to extract meaningful insights. This is changing and the greater availability of wireless technologies and the increasing sophistication of multi-factorial analysis is creating some interesting solutions as the agri-tech companies 30MHZ, Breedr, and LettUs Grow clearly demonstrate.”

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Breedr co-founder and CEO-Ian-Wheal is pictured with the new all in-one industry app.