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30 November 2023
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29 November 2023
Industry Updates
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28 November 2023
Industry Updates
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27 November 2023
06 November 2023
Group introduces revolutionary potato variety set for faster scientific research.

BREEDER Royal HZPC Group has introduced a universal potato variety designed specifically for academic institutions which it claims will simplify and accelerate basic research on potatoes.
From the start of next year, academic institutions within the European Union will have access to the variety set, which HZPC says includes in vitro plantlets with unprecedented genetic diversity and offers numerous advantages for researchers and scientists engaged in potato research.
Stan Oome, Program Leader Molecular Biology, said: "The chosen approach offers an unprecedented amount of expertise and resources. It includes genetic information, genotyping, and even ready-made crosses, saving valuable time and investment. We are specialists in tetraploid genetics, allowing researchers to benefit from our advanced tools and techniques to support their projects."
He added: "We aim to increase knowledge about this beautiful crop to contribute to the global food supply. In a rapidly changing world, cooperation is essential." 

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