Denmark discovery prompts UK warnings


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06 February 2023
Single strain blight pathogen in Denmark shows resistance to fungicides.

REPORTS of a single strain blight pathogen in Denmark, where some samples were shown to be resistant to the highly important CAA group of blight fungicides, has reinforced advice for growers and agronomists to prevent it occurring in the UK.


The strain, EU_43_A1, had been identified in Denmark for the past four seasons, but never identified among the multitude of blight clones that make up the population in the UK.


Research has shown that not all EU_43_A1 are resistant to the CAA fungicide group, however five outlier isolates in Denmark had been identified as resistant last season. Sensitivity monitoring programmes of the anti-resistance action group (FRAC) in 2022 showed ‘generally a full sensitive picture for CAAs over Europe, with a few suspicious isolates under further investigation’.

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