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12 July 2023
Ongoing development in potato crops to be examined tomorrow

CROP product specialist Hutchinsons is holding a potato demonstration and trial site in conjunction with Worths Farms and Simon Faulkner of SDF Agriculture Ltd tomorrow (Thursday 13th)

Ongoing development in potato crops will be examined at the new site near Spalding in the UK.

The aim of the site will be to look at issues that not only affect potato growers on the Lincolnshire silts, but are common to growers across a range of soil types.

As with the very successful Fen Trials site run in conjunction with A.L. Lee at Ely, the new site will look at new varieties and their tolerance and resistance to PCN and what to use for weed control in the same varieties.

Alternative nutritional strategies will also be investigated and their effect on the Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) and carbon footprint of potatoes.

Another topic under investigation will be wireworm, long regarded as a pest of potatoes grown in grass rotations, but now an increasing problem across all rotations. UK experts on the topic will be on hand to answer all of your questions and we look forward to seeing you on the day.

Key areas of focus and discussion at the event include:

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Wireworm management and biological control
Effect of cover crops on free living nematodes
Post emergence herbicide trials
Nutrition – in-furrow treatments
Variety selection
PCN trials
Soil management advice.

A two-hour tour will kick off at 10 so anyone interested in attending is advised to arrive by 9.30am. A second tour starts at 1pm, so those looking at attending in the afternoon are advised to arrive by 12 noon for lunch.

Guest speakers and advice on services will be available, along with supporting stands, while lunch and refreshments will also be provided.

There will be tractor/trailer transport to the field and visitors are encouraged to bring high-viz jackets for the yard area if these are available.

To book in advance, please click here. The event is free to attend.

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