Demand differs in UK, while planting progresses


16 April 2021
Demand differs in UK, while planting progresses

DEMAND in the UK over the past week has been different across the sectors, dependant on the end-market and location, according to AHDB's latest update. The easing of lockdown restrictions has increased demand for certain hospitality locations e.g pubs and local restaurants.

Maris Piper prices across the sectors have increased on the week as availability dwindles, the organisation states, adding that the best quality high end supplies are particularly difficult to come by. 

It is believed the continued cooler spring could extend the use of old-crop potatoes. "The dry weather has meant that planting continues to progress well. Many planters are ahead of historical pace. As a result, some logistical delays have resulted in shortages of specific seed varieties getting to farms. 

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"Colder night-time temperatures have slowed growth of early crops, particularly fields in coastal regions," the AHDB Market Intelligence team revealed in its weekly report. 

The AHDB information is obtained by a weekly telephone survey of buyers, growers and merchants on a Wednesday and Thursday.

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