Delhi official calls for investigation into ‘chemical-laced’ potatoes


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05 August 2020
Delhi official calls for investigation into ‘chemical-laced’ potatoes

Potatoes being sold in Delhi could be laced with harmful chemicals, it has been claimed.

Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly, Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, has written a letter to the Lieutenant Governor about the poisonous vegetables and demanded an investigation by the Crime Branch. A report of Shriram Lab has claimed that potatoes, coated with plaster of paris, cement and yellow 'chuna' are being sold in Delhi which are dangerous for health and can cause serious illness.

The chemical-rich potato is being brought from cities like Sambhal, Bareilly, and Chandausi, and being sold in the market in the name of ‘hill potatoes’. Chemicals are applied to sell substandard potatoes at high prices. It is dried in the sun so that it looks like a hill potato.

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