Decrease in prices on Ukrainian market


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02 November 2022
Growers near Russia and Belarus borders seek to sell in volume.

PRICES for potatoes on the Ukrainian market have further decreased.

To date, wholesale batches of potatoes from local farms have been offered at 3.5-6.0 UAH/kg ($0.09-0.16/kg). The range of wholesale prices for potatoes at the end of last week was at the level of 4.0-7.0 UAH/kg ($0.11-0.19/kg). Market participants state there will be no further price reduction as it will not be economically feasible to sell at lower prices.

Professional growers have identified several factors that led to the negative price trends in the potato segment. The peak of potato harvesting in Ukraine coincided with the rainy season, which is why large volumes of potatoes that cannot be stored long became available on the market.

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On the whole the yield has been high in both commercial production and households this season. Another important factor that led to a further decline in potato prices is farmers in the northern and western regions wishing to sell off maximum volumes, especially those close to the borders with Russia and Belarus.


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