China leads the way


11 May 2022
Potatoes are most-produced vegetable by main world provider

CHINA continues to lead the world's fruit and vegetable production with a volume that in 2020 amounted to 709 million tons, and potato is the most produced vegetable.

China accounted for 38% of the world's total fruit and vegetable production in 2020. The country produced 479 million tons of vegetables, led by its potato production, which amounted to 78 million tons.

China was followed by India with 208 million tons (119 million tons of vegetables and 88 million tons of fruit), 11% of the world total. The United States ranked third with 66.5 million tons, 4% of the total, corresponding to 43 million tons of vegetables and 23 million tons of fruits.

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Turkey ranked fourth with 52 million tons, and Brazil ranked fifth with 45 million tons; both countries occupied the same positions in 2019.

Mexico ranked as the sixth-biggest world producer in 2020 with 36 million tons and was followed by Russia with 35.6 million tons. Spain ranked eighth, the same position as in 2019, with 32 million tons, according to the latest data corresponding to 2020 updated by FAO and processed by FEPEX.

The findings were revealed by US-based The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Source: Fresh Plaza

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