Chicken producer in R&D link-up to provide potato-based alternative


POTATO and rapeseed oil are the key ingredients of a new vegetarian product which looks set to be offered as an alternative by a leading producer of chicken products in the Nordic region and Ireland.

Scandi Standard is joining forces with Swedish development company Veg of Lund AB in a research and development project for the new plant-based protein aimed at having both taste and texture similar to chicken. The project will run over two years.

The aim is to develop a plant-based meat substitute based on a patented emulsion of local produce potato and rapeseed oil and will be led by Veg of Lund’s research and development director Professor Emerita Eva Tornberg. In return for the investment, Scandi Standard has been granted global exclusive rights to chicken-based meat substitute and comprehensive global rights for red meat-based substitutes.

Source:   Photo: Steve Buissinne from Pixabay