'Cheese' producer champions UK potatoes


17 February 2023
New plant-based products made with British-grown crops.

A NEW range of plant-based cheese products has just been launched in the UK, with potato forming one of the main ingredients, and featuring the backing of McCain Foods.

The Simple Root cheese is made of 33% root vegetables including potato, carrot and sweet Potato and the producers are keen to point out that all the potatoes used are from British growers.

The new range of cheeses includes block, grated and sliced cheddar style alternatives.

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"The Simple Root has created a unique IP protected technique which transforms British grown potatoes and other root vegetables into a naturally creamy alternative to dairy, making the number one ingredient vegetables. This technique ensures The Simple Root cheese is less oily than many other vegan cheeses in the market, is perfect for melting, and does not have the overwhelming coconut taste you get with other competitors," UK CEO Louise Wymer states.

The UK-produced Simple Root is backed by venture management specialist Pilot Lite Group as well as McCain Foods. The products are available to order online.

Potato becomes popular as alternative cheese ingredient