Challenging year for Irish growers 


15 January 2021
Challenging year for Irish growers

LOWER yields and higher production costs led to a challenging year for Irish growers, and packers are being warned they will need to pay higher costs in the near future.

Late harvests and higher storage overheads have increased growers' costs and growers are currently receiving an average of €300/t for ware potatoes, which will have to increase in coming weeks, according to a report in

There was a tremendous variation in output from field to field in 2020. Monagle also outlined the enhanced storage costs that are adding considerably to all growers’ costs at the current time.

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“Potatoes must be maintained in refrigerated stores on farm. In our own case, we are supplying a packer in Dublin from November through to August,” one grower revealed.

Photo: Dirk (Beeki®) Schumacher from Pixabay 


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