Challenges for suppliers in France


16 September 2022
Lower yields impact on French potato market.

THE potato market in France is likely to take a big hit this year having suffered the lowest harvests seen in decades.

Heat and drought have taken their toll on the country's growers and producers say there are fears production costs may not be covered by the yields.

National Interprofessional Potato Committee, CNIPT, stated in its recent bulletin that exports are being directed to regular customers, mainly in Southern and Eastern Europe, while recognising that droughts have also impacted on other countries' production.

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It advised that suppliers affected by growers' smaller yields should look "outside their borders" to boost their supplies and mitigate the price increase triggered by a potential decrease in harvests.

Buying more products in the free market could also compensate for the envisaged decrease, especially if demand increases, the organisation added. in the volumes committed in the contracts, especially if the demand increases.

The CNIPT has called for price indicators along the supply chain.

Photo: Bernard Buyse

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