'Catastrophic' harvest times for France


12 September 2022
Organisations report extensive losses.

FRANCE'S potato harvests in July and September were 'catastrophic' according to the National Union of Potato Producers (UNPT).

The organisation estimated that nearly 1.5 million tons could be lost on French soil, a decrease of around 20% or more compared to the average of the past 20 years.

The country has experienced four heatwaves and a drought since the beginning of the year, the UNPT states in a report by The Express

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Geoffroy d'Evry, a farmer in the Oise region and president of the UNPT told the newspaper: "In the memory of any potato grower in the north of France, we have never experienced a situation like this."

The country's National Federation of Vegetable Growers has also estimated losses of between 25% and 35% in the production and yield of vegetables. President Jacques Rouchaussé said planting in some areas had been postponed to prevent see burning because of the heat.

Source: The Express   Photo: Tony Sebastian

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