Capital Grants 2023: Countryside Stewardship


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10 January 2023
Agreements to last one year longer.

IN the UK, applications for Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants re-opened this week, with some new changes:

  • Agreements will now be three years long instead of two.
  • A new ‘Flood Management’ section has been included, with an extra £20,000 grant limit and 3 capital items available in this group - RP31, RP32 and RP33.
  • A new offer - CS Higher Tier Capital Grants - has been introduced, offering three-year agreements for capital items which deliver additional environmental benefits without the need for a CS Higher Tier agreement.
  • Payment rates have increased for some capital items, which cover one-off projects such as hedgerow creation, with an average increase of 48%.

For more details click here.

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