Can insect bioconversion aid potato growing?


04 July 2023
Webinar explores its potential to contribute to more sustainable practices.

A WEBINAR hosted by Fera will explore whether insect bioconversion can improve the sustainability of potato growing and other crop farming.

The webinar will take place on July 12th from 12 noon and will explore the potential of insects and insect bioconversion to contribute to more sustainable practices through waste management, protein production and a chemical-free soil improver known as frass.  

Sspecialists, scientists, and practitioners will discuss the potential contribution insect bioconversion can provide to help the drive towards Net Zero through reducing emissions from landfill, as well as supporting sustainability credentials owing to the efficient management of waste streams.

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Themes and topics to be covered include:
•    Added-value products from Insect Bioconversion and their use ‘on farm’
•    Contribution of insect-derived products to low carbon, regenerative farming systems including the drive towards Net Zero
•    Safety, nutritional qualities and consistency of the insect protein produced
•    Utilising the waste stream from Insect Bioconversion – the frass – as a soil improver
•    Current state-of-the-art and future potential in terms of sustainability

For further details, visit our events page here.

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