Buying opportunity for seed growers


13 November 2020
Buying opportunity for seed growers

AN increase in available share certificates and a reduction in price has presented a buying opportunity for seed potato growers.

Potato breeder HZPC Holding B.V., which was founded in the Netherlands and has a global reach, has published its certificate price after its half-yearly trading day. The supply of certificates has increased and the price of the certificate of share has been set at €118,15. This means a reduction of the value of the HZPC certificate by a maximum of 10%. The large supply offers buying opportunities for seed potato growers, according to the company. 

The supply of certificates is higher than ever, according to CEO Gerard Backx.

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He said: "After many years with a limited supply, there are currently many - probably mainly older - certificate holders who want to sell their certificates. This offers opportunities for seed potato growers who would like to buy certificates. Over the next 10 years HZPC will also buy shares itself in order to offer them to its growers. This is done via the Connecting Growers program. 

"We find it important that the certificates are owned by growers who are still fully active themselves. In this way they are co-owners of HZPC."

The Connecting Growers program was created to encourage the transfer of certificates from inactive growers to active growers. For a period of 10 years, HZPC annually buys certificates for 1.5 million euro on the market to divide among its active seed potato growers in the European Union. In this way HZPC remains in the hands of its growers. This autumn HZPC has purchased the first shares for the Connecting Growers program and active growers of HZPC can benefit from this.