Bulldog's double in potato form!


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23 September 2020
Bulldog's double in potato form!

A UK gardener was in for a surprise when she found her pet’s lookalike among her potatoes.

Joanne Gudger, 47, from Atherstone, was harvesting potatoes from her portion of a community garden when she discovered a spud that looked just like her American bulldog, Dave.

“As soon as I pulled it out of the soil I knew straight away that it looked like Dave,” she said in an interview with The Sun.

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She immediately took a picture and later posted it on several Facebook groups for allotment – or community – gardens, according to the outlet.

“Everyone was joking in the comments and saying that they’re going to be careful digging their potatoes up in the future in case they dig up a puppy,” she told the tabloid.