Broken Plate Report highlights veg prices impact


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08 July 2021
Broken Plate Report highlights veg prices impact

THE newly-released Broken Plate Report from The Food Foundation reveals the state of the UK's current food system and the challenges faced in ensuring everyone in the UK can afford and access a healthy and sustainable diet.

The affordability of vegetables plays a large part in the inequality of households eating healthily, the report shows.
More healthy food overall is three times more expensive than less healthy food calorie for calorie. Foods high in sugar and fat are just 40% of the cost of fruit and veg per 1,000 calories.

Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the report shows children from the poorest 10% of households are 10 times more likely to be living with severe obesity than the richest 10% at age 11.

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In the most deprived local authorities, one in three places to buy food are fast food outlets. This compares with one in five in least deprived.  
Amputations owing to Diabetes have increased by 24% in the past five years. There are almost 10,000 diabetes-related amputations carried out on average per year.

The poorest fifth of UK households would have to spend 40% of their disposable income on food to meet the Government's Eatwell Guide compared to just 7% for the richest fifth of households. 

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