Breeder works to develop tropical varieties for Indonesia


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22 February 2023
Breeding work carried out Dutch company in Vietnam.

DUTCH potato breeder HZPC is working with the International Potato Centre (CIP) to develop five new potato varieties for tropical conditions in Indonesia. 

The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture is funding the project, which is taking place in Vietnam. It aims to raise the profile of potatoes in Indonesia and develop better varieties for the conditions there.

Wichard Sanders, a breeder with HZPC who is closely involved in the project, said in a recent interview with Fresh Plaza: "It is much more difficult to work in Indonesia because you cannot import materials as a result of the quarantine policy. 

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"We started looking around and ended up in Vietnam. This is similar to Indonesia in terms of climate. It is easier to bring material in and the country has breeders’ rights protection. If you develop a variety there, you can protect it there too. And even better, the people there are young and eager to learn. They realise that subsequent generations will reap the rewards of the work they are doing now. They are therefore open to new things." 

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