Breeder to introduce commercial varieties


09 October 2023
F1 hybrid breeding technology well received at show and will launch to market due next year.

FOLLOWING 15 years of developments and cultivation trials, Dutch potato breeder Solynta will introduce its first commercial varieties to the market in 2024. 

The breeder claims its 'F1 hybrid breeding technology' means it will be possible to grow highly-resistant potato varieties faster that require far fewer crop protection products during cultivation. 

The product was well received at the recent Potato Europe in Tournai in Belgium. 

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Solynta Business Developer Jos Aben said extreme weather this year, with weeks of no rain followed by excessive rainfall was a clear demonstration of the challenges facing growers. "That demands robust varieties or, at least, hardy potatoes. That applies to all segments (consumer, industry, and starch potatoes). Variety specifications per growing region must, of course, be considered, too," said Jos.

Source: Solynta

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