Breeder publishes certificate price after half-yearly trading day


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10 May 2021
Breeder publishes certificate price after half-yearly trading day

THE supply of certificates from HZPC has reduced slightly but the company says it is still "significant", which recently held its half-yearly trading day.


The share certificate price has been set at €106.35. This means a reduction in the value of the HZPC certificate by the maximum of 10% in accordance with the stock exchange model HZPC uses.


The company announced that, after many years with a limited supply, it is now mostly inactive growers who wish to sell their certificates, which is good news for active growers as it makes it easier and more appealing for them to buy certificates.


CEO HZPC Holding Gerard Backx said: "We aim to ensure that the majority of certificates are held by growers who are still active. This makes them co-owners of HZPC."

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This year, to encourage the transfer of certificates from inactive to active growers, HZPC started the Connecting Growers program. In this context, HZPC buys certificates and then offers them to its active growers. Growers can apply for the program to become eligible and can also buy certificates themselves.


According to Gerard Backx, many growers are pleased with the program: "Many of our growers are participating. This means that many HZPC growers in the European Union will be certificate holders this year."


HZPC divides the certificates on the basis of the number of hectares of seed potatoes that a grower cultivates. Before next trading day, HZPC donates the certificates to its active growers.


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