Blight battle considerations


27 April 2021
Blight battle considerations

As many growers contemplate having to sell last year’s crop at prices below the cost of production, the prospect of a rise in production costs is likely to promote further sighs of exasperation. 

The reason for yet another increase in production costs is the ongoing battle in protecting crops from the damaging effects of late blight (Phytophthora infestans). The spread of a fluazinam-resistant strain 37_A2 (often referred to as “Dark Green 37”) in 2016 forced a change in approach as practices evolved to show greater regard for the principles of resistance management.

This led to the practice of more complex mixes being applied as growers sought to protect products containing only one mode of action by adding a partner belonging to a different group. The consequence of this was an increase in the cost of crop protection. 

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The uncertain future for mancozeb threatens to deliver another increase in production costs, said Eric Anderson, senior agronomist at Scottish Agronomy. 

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