Biostimulants in potatoes under the spotlight


15 February 2021
Biostimulants in potatoes under the spotlight


A TECHNICAL webinar probing into how biostimulants can potato crops and maize reach their genetic potential by increasing stress tolerance and levels of establishment is to be by Timac Agro UK on Wednesday February, 24th at 7pm.

The hour-long talk will be led by FACTS trainer and product manager at Timac Agro UK, David Newton (pictured). One BASIS point is available and there will also be the chance to ask the experts questions on biostimulants in the Q&A session at the end.

“As the sector continues to battle against poor weather and market pressures, biostimulants can provide growers with a lifeline to deal with these pressures and help to produce a healthy, profitable crop, so it’s vital more growers are aware of the power of these products,” said David.

“The focus of the webinar will be on improving maize and potato crops with biostimulants. I’ll be discussing how they can help improve maize feed quality and boost establishment, as well as how to improve potato tuber quality and increase bulking in potatoes,” he adds.

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Although the webinar will focus on these two crops, David notes that biostimulants deliver wider cropping benefits such as increasing nutrient availability and improving stress tolerance which can be applied to any plant. 

David said the technology behind Fertiactyl and Seactiv biostimulants is patented and the Timac portfolio is one of few biostimulant ranges to be EU homologated, meaning they are proven in trials to encourage healthy plant development. 

To register for the webinar, visit our events page here.

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