Biggest line-up yet for CropTec sprayer demonstrations


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Biggest line-up yet for CropTec sprayer demonstrations

Ten sprayer manufacturers will be putting some of the latest machines available to UK operators through their paces at The CropTec Show when the event returns to Peterborough at the end of November.

This is the biggest line-up of sprayers to feature in CropTec’s sprayer demonstration area, sponsored by Syngenta, offering an opportunity for visitors to get up close to the machines to check out key features. Visitors will also able to test drive the sprayers on a one-to-one basis under realistic operating conditions, to compare and contrast some of the most up-to-date machines on the market. During and after the demos, visitors will be able to quiz experts from participating manufacturers.

Andy Carse, Managing Director of Agrifac, one of the manufacturers taking part, said: “The demonstration area at CropTec adds a fantastic element to the show. Instead of visitors taking away leaflets and brochures on the machines, it allows them to discover the differences from inside the cab, and get to grips with the technology and features on offer.”

Sprayer demonstrations

Househam: Househam’s latest generation of self-propelled sprayer, the Harrier, features a 1.1m unobstructed underbody clearance, has a choice of tank capacity (4000, 5000 or 6000 litres) and boom options from 24m, with a triple fold option up t 36m. It comes with a MTU 4R1000 228HP engine as standard and a dry weight of 8500kg.

Lite Trac Systems: Lite Trac will be showing its latest pre-production multi-purpose tool carrier, the LT350. It is fitted with a Tier 4 Volvo 7.7 litre diesel engine that put out 235kw (320hp) and provides high torque at low RPM, says the company. The demo machine is fitted with a 6500-litre tank, 42m boom and 1200-litre spray pump and features a dual chemical and suspension Omex application system.The LT350 features automatic Allison automatic powershift transmission and is capable of 50kph on the road.Suspension is adjustable to suit the load and ride height can be altered. A new cab operating system is said to offer improved driver comfort and ease of operation.

Horsch: The Leeb 5 LT trailed sprayer features 36m boom with BoomControl Pro, an advanced system designed to keep the boom less than 40cm from the crop at up 30kph over hilly terrain, reducing drift and increasing crop penetration. The top CCS Pro model features an automatic internal Continuous Cleaning System with electronic system at the suction and pressure side, a 5000-litre plastic tank and a 500-litre freshwater tank. The innovative ISOBUS operating system is an in-house development said to simplify adjustment, operation and control of the machine. Nozzle switching can be easily controlled, says Horsch.

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Agrifac UK: The 5000-litre, 36m Condor IV self-propelled sprayer features the Agrifac ‘Brilliant Simple’ innovations StrictHeightPlus and StrictSprayPlus; technologies that enable the operator to apply the correct amount of spray to each individual plant. These, combined with the stability of the Agrifac StabiloPlus chassis, gives the driver a smooth ride and accurate spraying even on the steepest of slopes, says Agrifac.

Chafer: The Chafer Interceptor features a powerful 240hp Deutz engine and Bosch Rexroth CVT transmission to keep fuel use low and ensure traction is maximised on individual wheels in all field conditions.When on the road the engine uses the minimum revolutions to achieve the chosen forward speed, keeping fuel use low and engine noise down. Chassis and spray pack layouts offer stability by keeping the centre of gravity low, says Chafer, whilst retaining excellent accessibility for operation and servicing.

Fendt Rogator 655: The self-propelled Fendt Rogator 600 offers excellent boom position and ground following, according to the manufacturer. It features a low centre of gravity but can achieve up to 120 cm ground clearance for maximum plant protection, helped by its smooth undercarriage. Three tank capacity options are available (3800/5000/6000 litres) and 500 litres of clean water. The induction hopper is fitted with OptiFlow control centre. The machine is fitted with a  HydroStar CVT gearbox in combination with engine wheel hubs and a CDS ControlDriveSystem.

Vicon: The iXtrack T series has been developed with focus on a short, low and compact design in combination with intelligent electronics and ease of use. The series offers tank sizes of 2600 (T3 model), 4600 (T4 model) and 6400 litres (T6 model). The 32 degree steering angle and 3.6m turning radius makes the iXtrack T series very flexible and solid, says the company. The sprayer is equipped with a smooth, suspended parallelogram, combining optimal stability with soft boom balancing and limited vertical movement to minimise spray height deviations.

Knight Farm Machinery: Knight’s 1800 series self-propelled sprayers are fitted with a semi air-suspended Claas cab with digital climate control and category 4 filtration. The six-cylinder Perkins engines are 174hp Stage 4 or 225hp Stage 5 and the Poclain hydrostatic transmission provides drive. All-round active air suspension is standard and the electronic steering is two- or four-wheel with automatic rear hillside compensation. Tank capacities are 3500 and 4000 litres and booms are available from 24m to 40m. Fluid Control Pro simplifies all operations and GPS auto section control and auto steering options are available.

Sands Agricultural Machinery: The latest Horizon 5500 sprayer is fitted with the company’s 36m Variable Geometry & Negative Booms. This sprayer also features Sands’ new electronic control system with 2in or 3in filling options. Functions such as auto-filling, spraying and washing out are all accessible at the touch of a button either in the cab or outside beside the mixing hopper. Fuel filters are remotely mounted on the side for easier access and cleaner changeover.

Hardi: Hardi will announce its demonstration machine closer to the event.

CropTec takes place at the East of England Showground, Peterborough, on Wednesday, November 27th and Thursday 28th and is free to attend for farmers and agronomists who book in advance.