Better nitrogen use and lower emissions advice for growers


03 April 2023
Online course launched to help growers tackle ammonia emissions

BASIS has launched a free online course to help UK growers reduce ammonia emissions. 

It marks the next step in delivering on the industry-wide commitment to Defra to voluntarily reduce ammonia emissions in England by 11.2KT by 2025, which was offered as an alternative to Defra’s original proposals to regulate the use of urea fertiliser.

The module, which has been funded and developed in collaboration with AIC, AICC, CLA, NIAB, Red Tractor and the NFU, is designed to give growers the knowledge and tools to reduce ammonia emissions from both organic and manufactured fertilisers. 

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As well as helping growers to protect the natural environment, it will support the industry’s drive to improve nitrogen use efficiency, which is becoming ever more important given the significant financial pressures growers are facing.
CEO of BASIS Registration, Stephen Jacob, said: Ammonia lost to the air is nitrogen lost for plant growth. At the same time, ammonia emissions can negatively affect the environment and biodiversity. I am therefore pleased to announce the launch of a new course from BASIS Classroom, about how to reduce ammonia emissions from farming for the benefit of farmers, the environment, and society. 

NFU Deputy President Tom Bradshaw added: "Educational modules like these are a great way to help the industry learn, develop and share best practice."

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