Best cities for vegetarian options


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19 May 2021
Best cities for vegetarian options

HOUSING platform has released a study on which global cities are most vegetarian-friendly, basing its findings on factors such as price of vegetables, fruits, and plant-based protein products and the number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and events held in each. 

In response to the global rise in vegetarianism, the team at Nestpick conducted the study to shed light on the evolving lifestyle needs of people looking to relocate. 
The study began by considering over 200 global cities, across all continents, that are popular for relocation and have a good reputation with vegetarians. Cities were removed where comparable data could not be obtained, resulting in an index of 75 of the most vegetarian-friendly cities. 

London is the highest ranking city in the index, scoring strongly for affordability of fruits and vegetables and its number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Berlin and Munich rank second and third. Glasgow ranks fifth, with Bristol in ninth place.

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Edinburgh has the most vegetarian-friendly restaurants per population, followed by Munich and Ubud.

Taipei tops the list for the average rating of its top 10 vegetarian restaurants, beating Detroit and Tokyo.

London alo ranks first for vegetarian festivals and events, ahead of New York and Chicago.

UK cities rank highly for the percentage of vegan-friendly restaurants: Edinburgh ranks second out of 75 cities, with Bristol third, Glasgow fourth and Manchester eighth.

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