Belgian supplier launches own crisps brand


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02 March 2021
Belgian supplier launches own crisps brand

THE owner of a Belgian potato wholesaler has now begun producing his own crisps.
Owner of Debeuckelaere, Joost Debeuckelaere, supplying potatoes to the crisps industry since 2001 and in 2019 decided to look at starting his own line in 2019. His brand, Waltson Chips, was introduced to store shelves in December. It includes three varieties: Natural, paprika, and salt and pepper.
He said in a recent interview: "We fry at a lower temperature, so less acrylamide is released."
Lady Claire potatoes from the Dutch breeder Meijer are used to make the crisps. 
At the moment, the products can be found at neighborhood and farm stores and it's hoped they will shortly be introduced into supermarkets like Delhaize and Carrefour.


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