Belarus seed potatoes for growers in East Russia


13 April 2022
Minister clarifies situation following sanctions.

SEED potato varieties from Belarus are to be offered to growers in Far East Russia this year, the region's Minister of Agriculture, Andrey Bronts, has announced.

More than 17,000 hectares will be planted with potatoes in the Primorye region and the Minister said testing of Belarusian potato varieties has been underway in Primorye since 2021.

In a recent interview in which he discussed food security of the region under the current sanctions and sought to provide some clarity for growers, he said: “We are actively working with the Federal Potato Research Center named after A. G. Lorch. Five main varieties of potatoes are produced by our Primorsky Research Institute of Agriculture. In addition, the Institute has selected four promising varieties of Belarusian potatoes in terms of yield and taste. In 2023, after breeding, the seeds will already be sold to farmers, personal subsidiary plots of the region,” he said.

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