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26 June 2023
Growers alerted about Environment Agency registrations.

ENGLISH growers and suppliers need to be mindful of changes to be made to waste exemptions which include introducing charges, changing exemption conditions and decommissioning certain exemptions from April 2024.


Waste exemptions allow growers to undertake certain low-risk waste management activities, adhering to technical conditions but without having to apply for an environmental permit. The use of each exemption must be registered (currently without charge) with the Environment Agency.

The Environment Agency has not yet announced what the levels of these incoming charges will be as it isn't due to consult on this until the end of this year, but it is understood that there will be a small charge for the registration or renewal of waste exemptions for a period of three years.

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There will also be a charge to pay for frontline compliance activity. These charges are likely to be based on the risk of the waste activity involved, and the associated cost of regulation.


Source: CXCS

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