Bangladesh storage owners defy government directive


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27 October 2020
Bangladesh storage owners defy government directive

POTATOES traders in the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka have said that cold storage owners are not releasing potatoes for less than Tk35-36 per kilogram, although they were instructed by the government to sell to wholesalers at Tk27 per kg.

A correspondent from the Dhaka Tribune found potatoes retailing for Tk45-50 per kg, despite the Department of Agricultural Marketing's directive to sell potatoes at Tk35 per kg in retail.

Wholesalers at Karwanbazar kitchen market stopped selling potatoes for the second time in a week as they could not purchase the item from cold storage owners at government-set price.

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One urged the government to conduct mobile court operations at the capital's cold storages, who were disobeying government directives.

Other wholesalers have been selling potatoes for Tk40 per kg.

By contrast, most other vegetable prices reduced by Tk5-20 per kg over the same week.