As prices grow, margins are tight in SA province


20 December 2022
South African potato farmers marketing to buyers online.

POTATO season has officially begun in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, where they are the the fourth most important crop.

Local growers are busy lifting, cleaning, and packaging their produce.

Local Greytown farmer, Graeme Jarvie of GoldenGrow, explains that every cent counts for growers this year: "Farming is a competitive business and what we have seen this year is input prices have grown faster than our output prices and we are being squeezed as producers. The margins we make from all our crops, especially potatoes, are very tight. "One of the ways you can get the best possible price is to use the HelloChoice platform in combination with using the fresh produce markets. HelloChoice enables the farmer to digitize your outputs and invites multiple buyers to compete for your produce at your farm gate."

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Apart from the suppliers, buyers are also preparing to handle the influx of potatoes. Nasira Hoosen, a local buyer from Aheer’s Powertrade in Greytown, explains how they are planning for the increase in demand for potatoes to ensure they get the best quality at the lowest prices by using the HelloChoice platform:

“We supply smaller outlets and local takeaway shops year-round, so we are always on the lookout for better pricing and quality to ensure our customers are consistently happy. If the quality of the potatoes is good, it will have a longer shelf life so we can order more and make a bigger margin. Currently, we scan the market, talk to farmers on the ground and use the HelloChoice platform to keep up to date. For us, the platform is easy to use, and it gives us all the information we are looking for up-front and it is a great place to compare prices to ensure that you are always getting the best daily deals.”

HelloChoice is an online digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of fresh produce and products, displaying marketing prices and catering for both retailers and wholesalers.

Source/photo: Fresh Plaza / Hello Choice