Anti dumping ruling welcomed


10 February 2023
WTO dismisses Columbia appeal on frozen fries.

ARBITRATORS from the World Trade Organisation have ruled in favour of the EU following an appeal by Columbia regarding its anti-dumping duties on frozen fries originating from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Colombian-imposed taxes that were put into place in November 2018 affect 85% of the frozen fries exported to Colombia from the three EU countries.

The EU disputed this in November 2019 and a WTO panel ruled in the EU’s favour in October 2022, after which Colombia appealed.

Colombia must now bring itself into compliance with the ruling, either immediately or within a time limit agreed with the EU or set by a WTO arbitrator. If Colombia does not comply, the EU can get WTO authorization to adopt countermeasures.

The European Commission released a statement which said: "The final and binding award confirms that these anti-dumping duties breach WTO rules and improperly restrict access to the Colombian market. The decision is a win for European producers, whose exports to Colombia of well over 20 million euro were affected by the Colombian duties."

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The European Potato Processors’ Association (EUPPA) said is relieved by the decision.

"We sincerely thank the European Commission for its consistent and thorough efforts to ensure that the antidumping investigation is carried out in full compliance with WTO rules," EUPPA Secretary General Nuria Moreno said. "This decision sends a strong signal to the EU’s international trade partners and provides much-needed stability to European exporters in times of uncertainty with major geopolitical and economic disturbances."

Source: EUPPA