Annual Soil Summary launched


01 October 2020
Annual Soil Summary launched

INDEPENDENT soil laboratory NRM has launched the 10th edition of the Soil Summary. The 2020 summary encompasses thousands of soil results, submitted for the sampling season between June 2019 and May 2020, summarised using nutrient levels specified in the 9th Edition RB209 Recommendations. 

NRM’s Business Development Manager Rory Geldard said: “We’ve been creating this document for over 10 years now. It’s great to see that customers are still following the soil data trends and showing an active interest. The summary provides a great platform for customers to compare their results against how their fields placed across our UK wide average.”

A special focus on trace elements has been added this year. While trace element analysis has been carried out for many years, more growers are now focussing on the interaction of all crop nutrients. These factors can impact the uptake and potential yield of any crop. 

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Rory said: “Data is a real buzz word in the industry and the demand for it has never been more then now. As data providers, it is our duty to be able to share our knowledge and insight to help not only our customers, but the wider industry, make informed decisions.”

The 10th edition soil summary and all previous years can be found at