Ali questions whether clarity is just around the corner


18 November 2020
Ali questions whether clarity is just around the corner

NFU horticulture and potatoes board chairman Ali Capper reflected on numerous areas of uncertainty in the sector, including trade, seasonal labour, and AHDB in here recent online blog.


Ali says it’s been a long time coming, but we are “inching closer” to knowing whether the UK and EU will reach a trade deal ('skinny' or otherwise) and along with it some much needed clarity on how our trading relationship will work from January 1st.


“If we liken it to a rollercoaster, which we often do, the negotiations are about to take the final loop before the cars slow to a stop and then we’ll discover whether we feel a sense of relief or sick to the stomach,” Ali said.

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She goes on to say: “Trade aside, we’re getting closer to the point where the government must set out its position on seasonal workers in 2021. I’m tired of saying it, and no doubt you are tired of hearing it, but the case has been made many, many times. What we need now is the decision. The NFU is applying pressure right at the top of government, and I must thank Minette Batters and Tom Bradshaw for making sure this is always on the political agenda despite so many competing priorities within Number 10.”