Agronomist aids East-of-England growers


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20 October 2020
Agronomist aids East-of-England growers

A NEWLY-APPOINTED area manager will be offering support to growers in Norfolk, parts of Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

Experienced agronomist Matt Kettlewell has taken on the new role with Syngenta, and will be focusing on potatoes and other field vegetables.

He joins Syngenta with wide experience of on-farm advice, following technical roles within commercial agronomy, including a role as a vegetable crop specialist, and the development digital agriculture tools in the arable and vegetable sectors.

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Matt had previously spent eight years as Farm Manager on the south coast, producing specialty vegetables, from asparagus and beans to courgette.

Matt has replaced Gillian Colman, who has moved to a new role within Syngenta to develop the grass weed management strategies.