A quiet time for German wholesaler


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20 February 2023
Owner says imports are from previous year's harvests.

POTATO sales have been particularly quiet since the start of the year for German wholesaler Openica Ltd. 

Owner Slave Spaseki said in a recent interview with Fresh Plaza: "Although we are currently also offering Annabelle potatoes from Cyprus, it is still too early for early potatoes. Strictly speaking, the imported goods are not early potatoes for consumption, but stored potatoes from last year's harvest." 

The German potato season was characterised by drought and corresponding quality losses and there was a higher proportion of small potatoes than in previous years, he said. 

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"This in turn has led to increased rejects and lower marketable volumes. This is especially noticeable in the price later during the storage season. Despite all of this, however, we don't see a significant price difference in potatoes overall compared to other years."

Photo: Engin Akyurt


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