3.11 ha paint picture used to demonstrate spraying accuracy


12 February 2021
3.11 ha paint picture used to demonstrate spraying accuracy

AGRIFAC has used an environmentally-friendly dye to make a painting in the snow to demonstrate the accuracy of its spraying technique.

The 132 x 200m painting is believed to be one of the largest of its kind, covering a 3.11 ha area.

A self-propelled sprayer with nozzles every 25cm on the beam was used. In practical terms, this allows growers to spray on plant level and dose each nozzle independently.

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This is done with a fast-switching nozzle that switches on and off 100 times per second. By loading a taskmap into the machine, spraying can be done precisely and accurately, the company claims. Similarly, by means of GPS, spraying at the exact location required is possible.

The Netherlands-based sprayer manufacturer has been actively developing and supplying this technology since 2016 all over the world.

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