2021 MSU and Michigan Potato Field Day


14 July 2021
2021 MSU and Michigan Potato Field Day

Michigan State University and Michigan Potato Industry Commission are hosting the 2021 MSU and Michigan Potato Field Day. The field day will consist of three one-hour sessions that will repeat (9 a.m. to Noon), to then be followed by a catered lunch (Noon to 1:30 pm).

Sessions include the following topic areas:

  • Climate Resilience in Potatoes
  • Examine elite cultivars under water and temperature stress
  • Learn tools and techniques to improve nutrient utilization help keep fertilizer where you need it
  • See the impact of water management on potato production
  • Current Production Season Challenges
  • Learn strategies to enhance Colorado Potato Beetle Management
  • See new techniques with RNA-based insecticides to reduce pest resistance
  • Hear new management practices for dry weather weed management
  • Advancements in Potato Pathology, Nematology, and Storability
  • Learn the importance of soil health management to improve potato production
  • Hear the latest on germplasm resistance and opportunities for improved storage disease management
  • See the impacts of DMN (1,4-Dimethylnaphalene) on potato storage pathogens
  • Examine elite cultivars for long term storage and superior chipping

This event is free of charge.

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