131,000 ton seed import for Egypt


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26 January 2022
131,000 ton seed import for Egypt

A RECENT report issued by the Agricultural Quarantine has revealed that Egypt imported 131 thousand tons of seed potato and 25 thousand tons of potato products from Europe between October and January.

Planting takes place in January and harvest in May and June. Large quantities of the harvested potatoes are then exported.

In total, 76 approved varieties were imported. The report stated that the volume of traditional items that averaged more than 250 tons amounted to 97,000 tons, while industrial items of chips and semi-fried potatoes were imported in quantities ranging from 20 to 25 thousand tons.

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Mohamed Farag, a member of the Potato Producers Association, said the imports exceeded market needs by 30% in terms of imports from Egypt's needs for cultivating summer potatoes.

Source: Potato Pro

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