Enter National Potato Industry Awards

THE next National Potato Industry Awards event will be held in November 2023 and features 10 award categories, including the British Potato Industry Award, which will now be awarded every other year. New categories have been included in this year's awards, and some will feature more than one winner to differentiate between small and large-scale projects where applicable. Entries will be accepted up until September 20th and the 10 award categories are as follows :

1. Grower/Growing Manager of 2022-2023

We’re looking for nominations for any grower, or Manager of a growing business, who has made a standout contribution to the potato industry, has overcome specific challenges that are worthy of applauding, or whose actions are deemed to be a good example to others in the industry.

This can include anything such as:

  • specific growing method or plan
  • partnerships with research agencies
  • participation in projects or trials
  • contribution to their local community or the industry as a whole
  • long-term achievements

Anyone can make a nomination, and explain why they think this person is worthy of an award. It’s also possible to self-nominate, as we won’t disclose where the recommendation came from, should you be proud of your own accomplishments or believe you have offered something which other growers could regard as best practice.


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2. Best Innovation 2022-2023

CAN you tell us about a piece of agri-tech, a new research method, or a time-saving practice that's helping improve yield, profits or day-to-day practices?

We're keen to hear about any innovations that are already providing a positive impact within the potato supply chain or that could be a game-changer for the future. 

Innovation within the following are are just some of the things that help keep potato supply moving forward and continuing to provide a long-term food source:

  • Planting
  • Spraying
  • Pest control
  • Soil health
  • Washing/preparing for sale
  • Storage
  • Yield counting/improvement
  • Weather monitoring

If you, or someone you know, has come up with an innovation you feel has the potential to bring an improvement in terms of time-saving, cost-minimising, labour saving, sustainability or other goals, please let us know. It doesn’t matter how small or large the innovation or investment is – we will judge on merit and potential and may announce more than one winner depending on the scale involved.

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3. Best Environmental/Sustainability Initiative

The NPIA2021 Environmental Award recognises outstanding individuals and organisations from any sector of the potato industry who've contributed in some way to the protection of the environment or sustainability.

Any grower, advisor or company demonstrating best practice or stewardship initiatives is eligible for the award, as well as companies and suppliers who have introduced a practice or product that has made a notable impact on environmental performance.

We want to hear about the greenest businesses, growers, advisors and suppliers so that we can recognise and reward change across all aspects of purpose-driven sustainability, social impact, the countryside or community.

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4. Best Marketing Work / Best Marketing Campaign

GOOD marketing is frequently taken for granted, but where would we be without those timely reminders, solutions and advisories that seem to pop up when they're most needed?

This award aims to reward the most effective marketing strategies, companies and people, showcasing the industry’s most innovative and ground-breaking campaigns and the finest minds. If it's used for any of the following, we want to hear your recommendations

  • Innovative packaging
  • Novel branding
  • New varieties
  • Consumer influence
  • Seasonal activities
  • New-to-market products

Smaller campaigns/contributions: It’s not just the bigger campaigns we’re interested in. We’re also looking to reward those who have also helped to build awareness of their own small business offerings, new-to-market products or, like last year’s winner, helped to raise awareness through their own newsletter or website.

There may be more than one winner in this section, again dependent on the scale of the operation, so don’t be humble – let us know if you think there is something that deserves recognition, be that a new/re-worked website, a catalogue or your own published photography.

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5. Machinery and Implements

MACHINERY that has simplified or improved field operations from cultivation and planting to irrigation and harvesting, as well those used for washing, handling, sorting, grading and transportation is a key contributor to the success of our UK potato industry, and the darling of all those looking to save time, improve quality and maximise profitability.

Can you recommend something that fits ANY ONE OR MORE of the following criteria:

  • New machinery introduced to the market since January 2021
  • Machinery that has been upgraded with new features, over the past two years that has made a notable impact

What reasons and feedback can you give about its contribution to growers, suppliers, packers or retailers?

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6. Agronomy

WE all know an agronomist who has gone above and beyond with their efforts and advice, whether it's been working with individual growers or part of a collaboration over the past two years.

Can you nominate someone you think deserves recognition for their efforts or achievements? Would you like to put yourself forward for something you are proud of and would like to share?

If so, let us know what you feel is noteworthy about this individual agronomist or agronomist's consultancy and why you think this nominee merits special recognition by submitting an entry for the Agronomist Award in the 2021 National Potato Industry Awards.

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7. Hescott-Meredith Memorial Award

NAMED in memory of Potato Review’s founding member, Bob Meredith, and his daughter Hazel Hescott, who sadly lost her battle with cancer last year, this award will be presented to an individual, group, or company who have provided a standout scientific contribution that will assist one or more sector of the potato industry. This can have resulted in one of the following:

  • Sustainable growing
  • Improved soil health
  • Storage longevity
  • Prolonged life or resilience within retail/transport
  • Variety resilience

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8. Best Young Achiever

This award seeks to recognise the best and brightest young people already working within the potato industry, as those leaving college and university who have already demonstrated that they have made, or can make, a significant contribution to their chosen career within potato supply. Open to those aged around 16 to 30, this award could be made to any of the following:

  • Someone who has already made a contribution to research or agtech as a student
  • Someone who has entered the industry as an apprentice/trainee
  • Someone who has directly embarked on a role and is making positive changes

Dependant on the number and variety of entries, there may be more than one award in this category. 

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9. Storage/Refrigeration Achiever

With energy costs a key concern for businesses and consumers alike, ‘keeping your cool’ while crops are in store has never been more challenging. Add to that the loss of chemical solutions that prolong the lifespan of potatoes, and it’s a year where perhaps one of the potato industry’s biggest battles lies within storage.

  • Who has made the biggest impact in this area?
  • What have they done to keep down costs?
  • How have they helped to prolong the life of tubers?
  • Is there some other way in which they have contributed to this part of the potato’s journey?

Let us know who you feel is the biggest achiever in this category.

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10. British Potato Industry Award

The British Potato Industry Award is for outstanding contribution to the potato sector, in effect a lifetime's achievement. It was inaugurated in 1997 and has been awarded annually. It was originally administered by the British Potato Council and subsequently by the Potato sector of AHDB, before being incorporated within the National Potato Industry Awards run by Potato Review.

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