Potato Review Aphicides

Product Manufacturer Active Ingredients Maximum Individual Dose (L/HA or LG/HA) Checmical Group and Resistance Status Maximum No. of Applications Harvest Interval Lerap Mode of Action Movement In PLant
Actara Syngenta 250 g/l
as a WDG
80 g/ha

100 g/ha in- furrow
Use (seed only)
Neo-nicotinoid * Ware:1 spray
Seed:2 sprays
7 days None Contact
+ stomach poison
Systemic and trans-laminar.
Virus reduction on label
Biscaya Bayer Crop Science 240 g/l thiacloprid in an OD formulation 0.4 l/ha Neo-nicotinoid * Ware:1 spray
Seed:2 sprays
14 days None Contact
+ stomach poison
Hallmark with Zeon Tech-nology Syngenta 100 g/l lambda-cyhalothrin, as a capsule suspension 75 ml/ha Pyrethroid

Resistance: kdr + carboxyl-esterase-R3
300 ml/ha None B Contact Contact,
InSyst Certis 20% w/w acetamiprid as a SP 250 g/ha Neo-nicotinoid* Ware:1 spray
Seed:2 sprays
14 days B Contact and stomach poison Systemic and trans-laminar
Adama 50% w/w pymetrozine, as a WDG 0.3 kg/ha Pyridine
No known resistance
2 sprays in ware
3 sprays in seed crops
7 days None Prevents feeding, no knockdown Systemic
Nufarm 25 g/l esfenvalerate 200 ml/ha Pyrethroid 4 7 days A Stomach poison, Prevents feeding, repellency Contact
Teppeki Belchim Crop Protection 50% w/w flonicamid
as a WDG
0.16 kg/ha Pyridine-carboxamide
No known resistance, different group
2 sprays 14 days None Prevents feeding Systemic and trans-laminar