Yield per hectare has increased by 4,400 kilos says co-operative


19 May 2023
Agrico expects "considerably higher price".

POTATO co-operative Agrico recently announced to its members an average price indication of € 35.50 per 100 kg for all supplied kilos of 28 mm upwards for seed potatoes from the 2022 harvest.


The price is an average for all varieties, sizes and classes supplied.


The total yield per hectare has increased by 4,400 kilos per hectare compared to 2021, to 42,900 kilos in 2022. In addition, the sizes were also better than in 2021, meaning 55,000 additional tons were available in the seed potato size. The total sold volume of the pool has increased by 45,000 tons compared to the 2021 harvest. Notable ‘risers’ in the sold volume were Arizona, Rudolph, Markies and Fontane.


Market development

Last year, Agrico invested in ensuring that sufficient seed potatoes would be available to meet the demand for early export. This led to a significant increase in the volume that Agrico was able to export to this market.


There were also positive developments in supplies to Algeria and Iraq in particular, and Arizona has become the largest monopoly variety in those countries. In addition, the Rudolph is in great demand in Algeria in the red-skinned segment.


The situation in the European ware potato market was totally different. Growers in Europe saw the cultivation costs increase enormously and abandoned potato cultivation, or opted to grow potatoes for other segments. This effect can also be seen in the pool price of these varieties. Agrico has therefore decided to intervene substantially in the cultivated land of a number of European ware potato varieties.


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There was an excellent demand for varieties for the French fries industry. All varieties have completely sold out. An interesting variety is now also available for the crisps industry: Napoleon. The variety has already shown good results during the trials and the first programs for the 2023 harvest have now been generated with various crips producers.



During the past year too, COVID-19 has continued to have a major impact on transport prices. Depending on the destination, the costs for container transport and conventional ship consignments are up to 50% more expensive than prior to COVID-19. There were, however, sufficient containers available for all destinations this year. The costs for the growers have also risen sharply in the past year. For this reason, the pool committee has increased the storage costs by 20%. The other cost increases must be compensated within the market.



General Director Jan van Hoogen is satisfied with the substantially higher level of the grower’s price in comparison to last year. “The market has changed significantly both nationally and internationally during the past season. We are happy that Agrico was able to respond well to this, with a good result because of that”.


Agrico will announce the final grower’s prices in July.



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